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SageTea® is an innovative software company. Our lead product is SageTea Text to Software, the first ever Text to Software™ tool. SageTea Text to Software makes applications automatically from subject matter expert knowledge, data from websites, human sources, documents and databases. The resulting application meets business requirements expertly. Software is developed up to 80% faster and software development costs are reduced by up to 60%. Read about software development costs and why they matter to you.

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About Our Products

SageTea Text to Software – Our Text to Software™ tool. SageTea Text to Software includes support for all phases of software development and product life-cycles. It transforms text into expertly designed applications and deploys them automatically. For business analysts and non-programmers, it is an ideal tool that produces results quickly without requiring skills in software development. It has a fast turn around time for design changes and is an excellent tool for anyone desiring an agile approach.  Read more on the SageTea Text to Software Product Page.

SageTea App Server – Works directly with SageTea Text to Software, Desktop and Web Server and runs as a service under Linux, OSX or Windows. SageTea App Server manages the runtime application,  supports real-time configuration and version changes. It fully automates the management of the applications database and provides a high performance data management algorithm based on SAGETEA.

SageTea Web Server – Provides customizable web based interface and works directly with SageTea App Server. Business Logic can be customized using Smalltalk or Java Script. SageTea Web Server is a standalone service that is platform independent and can run on any port.

SageTea Desktop – Runs a native client interface and works directly with SageTea App Server. Full featured, including PDF report writer, email client and out of the box integration with Microsoft Word and Excel. SageTea Desktop also runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

You will need SageTea Training to be certified with Text to Software.

Training is available from IntERPredata Canada Corp and is available in class or via WebEx.

Fact: A typical software developer costs $800 per day. In 1 week, a team of 4 costs $16,000 and in a month costs $64,000. Text to Software costs $75 in the first month, the training course takes 3 days and your first app will cost $708 in the first month. Training on WebEx is $1000 and anyone can do it.

Become an official reseller to get access to special discounts and enhance your profits. Official resellers get their own e-commerce enabled dashboard for building and selling custom software using Text to Software.

Its free to get started and fun to learn. Join today and find out why our growing community of developers is so excited.

Text to Software

Start your Text to Software 15 day free trial today. A valid credit card is required. You will not be billed during the trial period and can cancel at any time.

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When you are ready to buy, here is our pricing:

  • Text to Software Lite – $52 per month
  • Text to Software Full – $75 per month
  • SageTea Runtime (includes SageTea App Server, Web Server, 3x Concurrent Users) – $708 per month
  • Concurrent Users – $7.40 per month
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*Bring in 2 referrals and get a free 1 year license for Text to Software (Full Edition + Runtime).


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