SageTea Document Management

Manage your important information more efficiently with SageTea™’s new Document Management System!

Our fully customizable Document Management System lets you store and retrieve files effortlessly. Our “meta-data” feature allows you to categorize your different files into easily searchable groups making it even easier for you to find the information you need when you need it.

Just imagine…

    • No more working on the wrong version
    • No more frustration with misplaced documents
    • No more fear of lost information

SageTea™ Document Management is your key to attaining organized office. Using SageTea™ Document Management your important information is always at your fingertips.

What’s more, this software can be installed in a matter of minutes and works on all versions of Windows, Linux or Mac. Smart phone applications are under development.

And now for our more technical clients…

SageTea™ Document Management is highly efficient at data management and is optimized for bandwidth on networks. It uses a unique “file proxy” which serves files to the client on an “on demand” basis. This allows end users to gain the benefit of a full network file system while only downloading those files at the time they are needed. This produces the lowest possible impact on data usage while providing all the benefits of document management to cost sensitive businesses.

Finally, the SageTea™ Document Management System can be delivered as a self-managed cloud solution, ensuring that digital information is transmitted only within our client’s network or as a low cost cloud service. SageTea™ has partnered with Primus for delivery of customized Document Management Services to end users.