It’s SageTea Live!

In response to requests for examples of the software we produce, we will now be posting interactive demos of some of our software solutions on our company’s website.  The first demo released this week is the SageTea™ Management System which can be found at

This web application is an integrated CRM, Software Development Life-cycle and Service Request System designed for running a software development firm. It is driven on the back end by SageTea™ Application Server and was designed entirely using UML+. No programming was required.

For those who still find it difficult to believe that Text to Software™ really works, we invite you to try it out for yourself.

This is just the first, and we will be regularly posting new demos of actual working applications developed either for individual customers or for value added resellers. We have received considerable interest from value added resellers in particular because they understand how our technology will allow them to respond to the specific business needs of their sales channels faster and at a significantly lower cost than by using traditional programming.