We did it!!

Tonight, old man, we did it! We did it! We did it! We said that we would do it, And indeed we did.

We thought that we would rue it; We doubted we’d do it. (sometimes anyway)

But now we must admit it, that succeed we did! [i]


If you haven’t already figured out that there is a major announcement coming you should now take a moment to brace yourself. Are your ready now? OK here goes.

On November 6th, 2012, SageTeaTM Inc. filed its new patent application entitled:


(Trumpet fanfare)

Was that a yawn we saw back there in the 4th row?  So you don’t think a patent filing is a big deal?  Ok, you’re right.  It’s not really a big deal to anyone else but the people here at SageTea, but exactly WHAT we are patenting is a very big deal indeed and you won’t be yawning when you hear about it.

SageTeaTM Inc. has just patented a method for transforming SQL databases into a new format which does the same job as the old format at a considerably lower cost.

How much lower you ask?  How does reducing your IT maintenance costs by 15% sound – pretty good?  We’re glad you’re pleased because we actually estimate this will reduce maintenance costs for IT by 30% for all users of this technology. In addition, our patent pending method is also proven to be computationally faster on average than standard methods for accessing SQL databases.

Pretty cool right?  So how do you start getting these kinds of savings?  By contacting SageTea and asking us about our SAGETEA™ Application Server which is based on this new approach and provides both cost reduction and performance in an easy to use package.

[i] With apologies to Mr. Alan Jay Lerner, Mr. Frederick Loewe, Mr. George Bernard Shaw, Mr. George Cukor, Mr. Rex Harrison, Ms. Audrey Hepburn, Warner Brothers and anyone else who may be offended by our blatantly stealing and then modifying the words to this song.